5 Recommendations When Buying a Home in Washington DC This Year

2015 will be a good year for home buying and selling very bad, as it was 2012. Experts advise consider several aspects when buying a home in DC, for example, have saved money or know today day is the buyer who has the upper hand and controlled trading.

1. The buyer has the upper hand and controls the negotiation, which can get the best possible price for housing. On average, the discount is negotiated in the purchase of a home is 20% over the asking price the seller. But if the seller is a financial institution, the bargaining power disappears because, in general, output prices of homes are already heavily discounted and banks decide who offer financing

2. Order relief for home purchase: this year can no longer enjoy the exemption on income tax nor the super-reduced 4% vat for the purchase of new housing. Now, the VAT has risen from 4% to 10%.

3. Save money: to buy an apartment that is not in the hands of banks financial institutions only fund in the best case, up to 80% of property valuation, which must be available at least 20% of the costs of the sale, as deeds, registration, notary, saved more than etc. if you do not have savings, you can buy a house bank, then the buyer will get 100% financing for purchase of flats but banks.

4. Linkage required by the bank when a mortgage is signed: it is normal to hire a life insurance or home insurance or even credit card annual minimum consumption while the mortgage is hired.

5. The bargain floors, penalized by the IRS: in a used house is usually paid, overall, 7% of the purchase price stated on the relevant property transfer tax marking the regions writing. However, the floor bargain “is expensive”. Each region has a minimum price tables and calculated the minimum ITP them having to pay a person when you buy a house. If the buyer pays a higher tax nothing happens, but it brings out if it considers that the purchase price was too low and claim your compost.