10 tips for buying real estate

You must make sure that everything is in order in the goods you go to buy.

1. Analyze the market. Before you buy or lend money to a developer, market indicators are sought. It may happen that rents have risen in the past five years, but you know how much potential there. If rents are high but there are very few shops, offices or empty dwellings, it is a sign that you can still grow.

2. Diversify. For GE Real Estate is important not to invest all in the same market, for example not concentrate in Saltillo, but also look at Aguascalientes. For someone who invests in real estate, diversification can be buying cheaper housing and then rent them instead of one.

3. Scan the good. You can tell the status at a glance, but it seeks the advice of a civil engineer, because there are some things that can escape into a first inspection.

4. Make sure your papers are in order. We must demand a certificate of encumbrance, so you can take actual possession of the property. Get support from a lawyer or a notary for the transaction.

5. In societies condominium, set to be very clear on what you own. That is constituted the condominium regime.

6. Have the title deeds and land use licenses.

7. If the property is to lease, make sure there guarantees. That guarantee is honorable. Some people resort to bonds, but these are difficult to implement.

8. If you are renting, looking all references can the tenant.

9. Get the plans of the property and that the property boundaries specified in the scriptures.

10. When investing in something that is under construction, see that the builder has sureties, to ensure that the work is completed. Also get a copy of the building permit and permits discharge of waste water.

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