10 tips to sell your home successfully

In Washington DC there is demand for housing but is waiting to see how the economy, employment and generally residential sector. Therefore, marketers have to know what strategies used to capture demand willing to buy. 

1. How to sell your house correctly – choose a realtor:

If you sell your house through a real estate agency, choose carefully. Ask friends or neighbors who know a professional real estate agent who knows the market and eager to sell. Also list your home in real estate portals, the more options you use, the more chances of success will.

2.  How to sell your houseadjusts agent commissions

You should be informed of the commission realtors and adjust your budget. Should try to save as much considering that housing prices are in free fall.

3.  How to sell your home: put the right price to you

It is tempting to get the highest valuation for your home but be realistic. In a bear market price is more important than ever, so check the prices of similar homes in nearby areas to get an idea of ​​price. And the best, according to experts, is to avoid putting too high a price for not getting attention. A low price will attract more interest and even then can sell for more money.

4. How to sell your house get organized

Creates a file with all documents related to the house, as gas and electricity bills or tax bills. So be ready when given an offer to buy.

5. How to sell your house eliminates clutter

Preparing the house for when you have any unforeseeable visit. Keep rooms tidy, with the idea of ​​demonstrating that it is an attractive and functional home. Addition, the order becomes more important when there are more homes for sale similar nearby.

6. How to sell a house: reforming house

No need to make a comprehensive reform of the house, just fix what is obviously broken. For example, if the rooms are painted with bright colors would be given a coat of paint color neutral. Buyers try to imagine your house and personal effects minimized owner of that house, and photos. You can also leave the door perfect, clean the garden or leave the lobby as welcoming as possible.

7. How to sell a house but do not spend too much money on renovations

Do not try to guess what can you please the buyer, it is true that every seller feel you can add value to the house but this need not invest much money. Do not substitute the kitchen or carpets, but leave everything clean.

8. How to sell your house pet and keep children away

The hardest part is selling a house where several family members or pets are hanging around her. In addition, the buyer feels uncomfortable when the owner is too over, and prefer not to speak up or do not want to go too fast in the house. Therefore, it is best that the right people are during the visit.

9. How to sell your house stay abreast of your real estate agent

A professional realtor will keep you abreast of each visit and should be frank about the changes that must be done at home to sell. If you think the agent, exaggerating the positive aspects of the house, is not doing everything possible to sell it, can then be a good time to change agent

10. How to sell your home: if after a while you do not sell, try again

If the house takes too long on the market then the problem is the price, you must decrease it. Take a break and return to find a new realtor that values ​​home and advice on possible changes to make it more colorful. You will have to make new photos, replace the ad in real estate portals and, above all, reduce the price.

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