12 things that should learn

We offer you a list of buyer’s remorse from which you can learn to achieve a more satisfying shopping:

1) I should have asked the seller more repairs before I hand over the house.

2) I should be urged to real to “tighten” over the price, but I was ashamed.

3) I should have visited the neighborhood at different times of day (morning, afternoon and evening) to realize that I had low light and it was very lonely.

4) I should have expected to have saved 20% of the price or have bought a cheaper home because 100% mortgage is costing me too much money.

5) I wish I’d visited the house with experts (plumbers, electricians, etc.), I would have realized that these facilities need urgent improvement.

6) I should have bought a cheaper house and leave money to refurbish my taste.

7) I should have simulated what it would take to work really at peak times and not trust the estimates of the owner.

8) I should have asked an architect a renovation project instead of calculating it by eye.

9) I should have visited the house with a tape measure to realize that my large bed would not fit down the stairs or in the room it can only be a nightstand.

10) Does not have to be black money paid for my house now I cannot deduct.

11) I should not have believed that the roof was for my use and enjoyment as the owner said despite not being deeded in my attic.

12) I should have thought of that five years after my family could grow, do not fit in our study we bought a few years ago.

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