How to sell your house fast and at the best price

When it comes to buying a home, the first impression is very important. Potential buyers decide, during the first few minutes of their visit, if can be their home. Therefore, it is essential to condition the space, highlighting the strengths of the home, so that the prospective buyer is feel comfortable.

Create a neutral space

Depersonalization does not consist in turning the house into a cold and empty place, but in making potential buyers feel comfortable during their visit and that the focus is on the building and not its decoration. Simply remove personal references such as photos or pictures, to create a neutral environment.

Power the illumination

Giving natural light during the visit is easy, just raise the blinds and run the thick curtains. The lack of natural light can be compensated with good artificial lighting and some tricks of decoration: placing lamps, betting on warm light or removing dark fabrics from beds and sofas, can be very wise decisions. White walls and light furniture are always a safe bet, as they bring freshness and luminosity to any space.

Everything in order

Order is the best letter of introduction to future buyers. To give a greater sense of amplitude, avoid accumulating objects. The excess of furniture in the different rooms subtracts luminosity and overwhelms the space visually, making it look narrow.

Clean thoroughly

Perform a deep cleaning of the house and pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Avoid bad odors with good ventilation and with candles or light air fresheners. Making coffee or cookies can also be a trick to play in your favor.

Repair small defects

Making small adjustments can mean an increase in the value of the home that may compensate. Check the tank and examine the faucets for leaks. If these items are very outdated, replace them with new ones and the price of your home will be revalued. The same thing happens with plugs. If it is a detached house, repair the cracks and stains of moisture that the facade may have, trim the lawn, clean the pool and check the exterior lighting.

Organize space and power strengths

The empty spaces seem smaller and the rooms full of furniture are overwhelming. Redistribute the furniture to achieve a balance and create a functional space . Remove those pieces that occupy too much space or are located in passing areas.

Neutral decoration

It creates a pleasant atmosphere by painting walls and ceilings with neutral and luminous tones: white, beige and gray never fail and can fit with all kinds of furniture and styles. Pay attention to the small details: buy new cushions that harmonize with the colors of the wall, clean and fluffy towels or a nice vase of flowers.

Maintain a pleasant temperature

There is nothing to provoke more rejection than to enter a house frozen in winter or to be an oven in summer. So, to make potential buyers feel comfortable, you should try to keep the house cool in the summer and warm it in winter.

Equip kitchen and bathroom

Good equipment in the bathroom and kitchen will justify the price of the house and give greater guarantees to the buyer. Renovating these rooms, even if it is only fixing furniture or linings, can increase the value of the home.

Perfect announcement

With the offer that is in the market, if you want your home to stand out, you must put a perfect ad . It depends on whether or not future buyers see housing. Includes a description of the property, details its features and benefits, attached a map of the and, above all, accompany you with quality images. The photographs that illustrate your ad are decisive in obtaining a greater number of visits.