6 tips for your new house and how to negotiate the price

1) Think at the price and think at what you want

Wanted “a large attic, bright, close to the office, with terrace and views”. But did not find it and opened your search to upper floors. “Buying a home is a balance between your dreams and reality,” “People are looking for things that do not exist, cannot afford or are not as expected. The reality is what you can afford, what exists in the market and what you need … you always have to sacrifice something“. 

2) Focus on your transaction

When you go to buy a house you forget about the part of the average prices and focus only on your home because every house is a world apart and if you negotiate a good price to order some you must import the average price. “I guess the key is to buy an exceptional property at an average price, average home or at a reduced price”

3) Do not buy the first house you see

We believe that housing “still has quite run down” when are noticed in the market the full impact of the economic crisis, unemployment, cuts in mortgage lending, the upward trend and digestion of huge portfolios of flats in the hands of banks.

4) Negotiate the price with the help of an appraisal

My way of trading has been simple. In homes that I liked I ordered an appraisal. I paid out of my pocket three appraisals knowing that not even want to get a mortgage. The pricing is a bath of humility for homeowners because they discover the value of your property that gives an independent expert; many appraisals are 10-15% by below the asking price owners. 

5) Provide the upfront price, which estimates continue to decline

With pricing in hand i made ​​a formal offer discounted between 15% and 25% of the appraised value of my expectation that prices will continue to fall. Once made ​​the offer, it takes patience.

6) Do not fall in love with a house

Think it is important to buy a property to avoid “falling in love” a home for you are negotiating. Better find one you like, make a reasonable offer and wait. If they do not accept your offer, keep looking. The sea is full of fish and the cities of unique homes

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