4 Tips to sell your home successfully

Sell an apartment can be an easy task if necessary to capture the customer’s attention measures are taken, so it is important to follow advice such as: advertising on real estate portals, consider renting, place adequate prices and above all offer the feeling backup by installing security alarms. Remember that buyers seek comfort in addition to ensuring that both property and their loved ones will be safe at all times.

Advertise your apartment in real estate portals

To make the announcement of your flat for sale be seen by as many users it is recommended to the publication of it in real estate portals, both those with national scope as international if you also want prospective buyer as a foreigner.

Here it is what is necessary to work your ad creatively. You get effective and advantage in less time than you can imagine.

Consider rent

Whether by necessity or choice, renting has become an alternative for profitability of a property, it is important that you guarantee your rights as owner through the development of a contract.

That is a possibility you might consider if you see that the sale of your apartment is not carried out in time.

Place prices are appropriate

The worst mistake you can make property sellers is the overvaluing their properties. Keep in mind that buyers are properly informed before closing a transaction of this type and no doubt aware of prices that are handled in the market, so you also must do a relevant research before placing a price that is not adjustment to the reality in which we live.

If you want to get more gain from the sale of your floor is just alternatives that allow you to increase your value, some of them is to make renovations and repairs that can increase the comfort of the same, installation of security systems, among others, but uses these strategies before placing a price that makes the buyer loses interest.

Install security alarms

Often the power of the offer properties with installed safety systems are underestimates, but if you consider that buyers besides comfort, seeking a place where they have the assurance and certainty that your family and property will be protected at all time, you will begin to see this investment as a more attractive factor to achieve capture the attention of more customers.

The good news is that today you can make use of services for high quality devices at the lowest cost in the market. The important thing is to look for those who are more comfortable as installation, easy portability when moving, ability to integrate new components for greater effectiveness and protection to the owner’s needs, etc.

Tips for buying your first home successfully

Buying a home is one of the most important operations in the life of a person, and requires discretion, sensitivity, patience and of course, budget! Follow these tips, they will help you have a good memory of buying your first home!

  • Take into account all costs

The price of a home is just the beginning, and smart buyers always “tighten their belts” before buying to cope with entry, mortgage payments and unexpected expenses. Hence it’s important to have good savings.

  • Flexible be your searches

It is very important that you distinguish between wants and needs, this will help you make the most sensible decision. Create a list of items that you consider essential, those that affect your quality of life, such as the location of a house, price, number of bedrooms and dimensions. In turn, you have to be prepared to recognize the non-essential, such as views or additional rooms among others.

  • Stay calm

Patience will be your greatest ally. You have to be prepared to live some experiences that can demotivate, as you realize that you loved the house has more damage than those who imagined or suddenly come across several offers and you do not know what decanters. A good real estate agent can help you decide on the most competitive offer for you and if none of them is, will help you find the home that best suits your needs. Note that you find the home that meets your requirements can take weeks and even months, there have to be patient and not hurry because you can take to make hasty decisions.

Tips to advertise your home for sale

Sell our house is something that takes time and dedication. For this reason we leave 5 tips to help you produce to sell your property in a short term.

Advertise your home Internet

The first thing to do is post your ad on specialized portals in the area of real estate.

Maybe you can meet many options but you must choose the one that gives you greater benefits: lower costs, greater dissemination of advertisements, visibility on the web; are some of the features that you should take into account when choosing the portal in which deposit them confidence to sell your home.

Write an attractive ad

What you should consider is that you must be creative and concise.

Internet searches and other ads be guided them to write. But if you cannot give the attractive advertisement you can talk to consultants to guide you and help with writing.

Take a good photo

Imagine you take pictures in low sharpness, outside the angle and from a bad perspective. It would be a total disaster and I guarantee you will not sell anything until you change photos.

If you do not want to hire a professional photographer you can ask a favor to an acquaintance who has a good camera. Of course, after taking several pictures, they must sit choose one by one according to the light and sharpness.

With the option that your ad also comes in English market opportunities will open and your home will be taken into account by a person who is not within the country but who are interested in buying property or by moving work issues.

12 things that should learn

We offer you a list of buyer’s remorse from which you can learn to achieve a more satisfying shopping:

1) I should have asked the seller more repairs before I hand over the house.

2) I should be urged to real to “tighten” over the price, but I was ashamed.

3) I should have visited the neighborhood at different times of day (morning, afternoon and evening) to realize that I had low light and it was very lonely.

4) I should have expected to have saved 20% of the price or have bought a cheaper home because 100% mortgage is costing me too much money.

5) I wish I’d visited the house with experts (plumbers, electricians, etc.), I would have realized that these facilities need urgent improvement.

6) I should have bought a cheaper house and leave money to refurbish my taste.

7) I should have simulated what it would take to work really at peak times and not trust the estimates of the owner.

8) I should have asked an architect a renovation project instead of calculating it by eye.

9) I should have visited the house with a tape measure to realize that my large bed would not fit down the stairs or in the room it can only be a nightstand.

10) Does not have to be black money paid for my house now I cannot deduct.

11) I should not have believed that the roof was for my use and enjoyment as the owner said despite not being deeded in my attic.

12) I should have thought of that five years after my family could grow, do not fit in our study we bought a few years ago.

10 tips to sell your home successfully

In Washington DC there is demand for housing but is waiting to see how the economy, employment and generally residential sector. Therefore, marketers have to know what strategies used to capture demand willing to buy. 

1. How to sell your house correctly – choose a realtor:

If you sell your house through a real estate agency, choose carefully. Ask friends or neighbors who know a professional real estate agent who knows the market and eager to sell. Also list your home in real estate portals, the more options you use, the more chances of success will.

2.  How to sell your houseadjusts agent commissions

You should be informed of the commission realtors and adjust your budget. Should try to save as much considering that housing prices are in free fall.

3.  How to sell your home: put the right price to you

It is tempting to get the highest valuation for your home but be realistic. In a bear market price is more important than ever, so check the prices of similar homes in nearby areas to get an idea of ​​price. And the best, according to experts, is to avoid putting too high a price for not getting attention. A low price will attract more interest and even then can sell for more money.

4. How to sell your house get organized

Creates a file with all documents related to the house, as gas and electricity bills or tax bills. So be ready when given an offer to buy.

5. How to sell your house eliminates clutter

Preparing the house for when you have any unforeseeable visit. Keep rooms tidy, with the idea of ​​demonstrating that it is an attractive and functional home. Addition, the order becomes more important when there are more homes for sale similar nearby.

6. How to sell a house: reforming house

No need to make a comprehensive reform of the house, just fix what is obviously broken. For example, if the rooms are painted with bright colors would be given a coat of paint color neutral. Buyers try to imagine your house and personal effects minimized owner of that house, and photos. You can also leave the door perfect, clean the garden or leave the lobby as welcoming as possible.

7. How to sell a house but do not spend too much money on renovations

Do not try to guess what can you please the buyer, it is true that every seller feel you can add value to the house but this need not invest much money. Do not substitute the kitchen or carpets, but leave everything clean.

8. How to sell your house pet and keep children away

The hardest part is selling a house where several family members or pets are hanging around her. In addition, the buyer feels uncomfortable when the owner is too over, and prefer not to speak up or do not want to go too fast in the house. Therefore, it is best that the right people are during the visit.

9. How to sell your house stay abreast of your real estate agent

A professional realtor will keep you abreast of each visit and should be frank about the changes that must be done at home to sell. If you think the agent, exaggerating the positive aspects of the house, is not doing everything possible to sell it, can then be a good time to change agent

10. How to sell your home: if after a while you do not sell, try again

If the house takes too long on the market then the problem is the price, you must decrease it. Take a break and return to find a new realtor that values ​​home and advice on possible changes to make it more colorful. You will have to make new photos, replace the ad in real estate portals and, above all, reduce the price.

6 tips for your new house and how to negotiate the price

1) Think at the price and think at what you want

Wanted “a large attic, bright, close to the office, with terrace and views”. But did not find it and opened your search to upper floors. “Buying a home is a balance between your dreams and reality,” “People are looking for things that do not exist, cannot afford or are not as expected. The reality is what you can afford, what exists in the market and what you need … you always have to sacrifice something“. 

2) Focus on your transaction

When you go to buy a house you forget about the part of the average prices and focus only on your home because every house is a world apart and if you negotiate a good price to order some you must import the average price. “I guess the key is to buy an exceptional property at an average price, average home or at a reduced price”

3) Do not buy the first house you see

We believe that housing “still has quite run down” when are noticed in the market the full impact of the economic crisis, unemployment, cuts in mortgage lending, the upward trend and digestion of huge portfolios of flats in the hands of banks.

4) Negotiate the price with the help of an appraisal

My way of trading has been simple. In homes that I liked I ordered an appraisal. I paid out of my pocket three appraisals knowing that not even want to get a mortgage. The pricing is a bath of humility for homeowners because they discover the value of your property that gives an independent expert; many appraisals are 10-15% by below the asking price owners. 

5) Provide the upfront price, which estimates continue to decline

With pricing in hand i made ​​a formal offer discounted between 15% and 25% of the appraised value of my expectation that prices will continue to fall. Once made ​​the offer, it takes patience.

6) Do not fall in love with a house

Think it is important to buy a property to avoid “falling in love” a home for you are negotiating. Better find one you like, make a reasonable offer and wait. If they do not accept your offer, keep looking. The sea is full of fish and the cities of unique homes

10 tips for buying real estate

You must make sure that everything is in order in the goods you go to buy.

1. Analyze the market. Before you buy or lend money to a developer, market indicators are sought. It may happen that rents have risen in the past five years, but you know how much potential there. If rents are high but there are very few shops, offices or empty dwellings, it is a sign that you can still grow.

2. Diversify. For GE Real Estate is important not to invest all in the same market, for example not concentrate in Saltillo, but also look at Aguascalientes. For someone who invests in real estate, diversification can be buying cheaper housing and then rent them instead of one.

3. Scan the good. You can tell the status at a glance, but it seeks the advice of a civil engineer, because there are some things that can escape into a first inspection.

4. Make sure your papers are in order. We must demand a certificate of encumbrance, so you can take actual possession of the property. Get support from a lawyer or a notary for the transaction.

5. In societies condominium, set to be very clear on what you own. That is constituted the condominium regime.

6. Have the title deeds and land use licenses.

7. If the property is to lease, make sure there guarantees. That guarantee is honorable. Some people resort to bonds, but these are difficult to implement.

8. If you are renting, looking all references can the tenant.

9. Get the plans of the property and that the property boundaries specified in the scriptures.

10. When investing in something that is under construction, see that the builder has sureties, to ensure that the work is completed. Also get a copy of the building permit and permits discharge of waste water.

8 tricks to increase the value of your home

1. Clean very thoroughly inside the house.

The house must be free of stains, odors, moisture … All this obviously rejection. This commandment is vital. Athorough professional cleaning. In addition to regular cleaning dusting, vacuuming, and mopping, be sure to reach the most hidden areas: including vents, baseboards, cabinets, shutters and door handles. Steam clean carpets, wash the walls and windows, and replacing broken windows or screens. The house should be so clean that invite to be occupied by visitor.

2. Improve the kitchen

Discusses how you can improve your kitchen with a small expense. All housewives want to have a functional, modern, attractive kitchen … It is a cornerstone in the house. Certainly remodeling a kitchen can be expensive.  Instead of a full review, we must choose to change the little things. For example: a good hand and layers of paint, change the knobs and handles for cabinets with new ones that are very nice… Even change some elements that are badly damaged it will cost less than to do a complete replacement.

3. Paint the house with an attractive color

You may be in love with its red walls, but more likely a potential buyer is not. It’s smart to add an inner layer of fresh paint in a neutral color like white, sand, or putty. A semi-gloss paint will make the walls appear brighter; an ‘eggshell’ finish can be used to hide under, such as dents in the drywall or small cracks in plaster imperfections.

4. Install dimmers or new switches

The caps light switches can age a house and provide a poor appearance (dirt, damage …). Install new ones usually low cost and improves their appearance. One possibility is to place voltage regulators (you must first ensure that existing electrical wiring permits). In any case if you make sure to turn off electrician “leads” (the main power of the house or room) before doing any work with a plug or switch.

5. Flushing the outside of the house

Pressure washing can transform the look and increase the overall curb appeal of your home. Therefore, it has to use a powerful jet of pressurized water to clean all the siding, sidewalks, driveways, and decks. If you do not have pressure washer, you can rent a unit at a local hardware store or also hire a firm pressure washer.

6. Gardening and pots

Nice plants change the physiognomy of a house. The make elegant, attractive, happy. They are fundamental, if well cared get a great signal to buyers: it is a house that has been well maintained. Depending on the existing landscaping (trees, grass, or just pots …) must be pruned. A grouping of potted plants near the door is a great way to add color and attractive costs much less to hire a landscaper to redo your yard, garden or driveway.

7. Replace exterior doors and garage

To improve the exterior appearance of your home is highly recommended replacement entry doors, front door, and garage doors (if they are damaged). This may be more expensive. If not you can afford, as we did in the kitchen other option is to change the knobs, handles and others by new and beautiful designs. This small change can make your doors look like new. If the doors are still good, give them a good pressure washing or a good coat of paint may be sufficient.

8. Check the soil and act accordingly

Hardwood floors are very attractive just beneath carpet covering the entire floor. To check is caught in a small corner of the carpet and in an inconspicuous area of the apartment and checked. Had hardwood underneath, you can remove the carpet and restore the original soil. In any case coat the house with a faso not expensive parquet can make your whole house and give a radically different, new and clean look.