Ideas for landscaping a two-level home

These homes efficiently take advantage of topography changes, but can result in a clumsy flat terrain condition and low windows present privacy issues. By properly combining landscaping – green plants, shrubs and trees, as well as flowers with solid trajectories and walkways – you can create a successful design that integrates your home two levels with your surroundings.

Accentuate the entrance

The door of a two-level house is located between the two different levels. Add a low border with plants with flowers or small, carved shrubs. Illumination can be added and attractive at night and helps your guests find their way.

A green screen for privacy

The lower level windows of a two-level house are often found near the dirt line, making it possible to directly see them from the street. While not completely blocking them, consider planting shrubs that do not grow too dense. Good choices include hydrangeas and azaleas, which also adds a color to your home during flowering seasons.

Create balance with trees

Two level houses are literally divided into two sections, one of which is higher than the other. Create a visual balance by planting a fast growing tree in front of the lower section to compensate for this “triangle”. If your property is narrow and long, plant the tree in a corner to help anchor your garden.

Picture window frame

A large window in the living room is the focal point of many two-level houses. Especially if the threshold is high of the earth, this window must be framed or anchored by a landscape element. Consider installing a custom grid with ivy or flanking the window with two small trees or half-height shrubs.

Smooth square shape of your home

If your home looks square, contrast with free form flower beds on your front and backyards.