Make your kitchen more attractive before selling your home

Ideally, you should have a suitable, functional and attractive kitchen while you live in your home, but if you have not, experts agree that it is a good idea to make improvements before putting it on sale.

The improvements that you must make will depend on the conditions of the house and the value that these changes represent for the property. Older ones can range from putting new fixtures to changing cabinets, but there are some small improvements that can have a very positive impact on your prospective buyers.

The following are changes you can make with little money and in a short time:

  1. Clean and collect. The same practice that applies to other rooms in the house, should be used here. Leave the kitchen stops or countertops, only with the necessary, clean the stove well (although you will not leave it to the buyers) and never, never, have trash. Also take a look at the refrigerator door, and remove all those familiar notes, photographs, magnets and other ornaments you have.
  2. Check walls and curtains well. If you have curtains and are broken, remove them and better not have any if you cannot replace them. Anyway there are some very economic types “mini blinds” that with little money will give you another environment without sacrificing your pocket.
  3. Put what does not serve, as your pantry or cupboard, organize and clean it. Believe it or not this is one of the areas your buyers will want to see. Do not forget to throw those supermarket bags that you are accumulating.
    Check the fans. Apply the same rule to everything, if they look bad, delete them.
  4. Organize your cabinets. Ideally you can change them to the handle but if you do not want to invest in this at least clean well both inside and outside. If they are in poor condition, a good option would be to paint their doors in the same color tone but this will depend on the cabinet material. Find out which is the best alternative for you.
  5. Look over the cabinets. Do you have plants, baskets or decorative bottles? This can sometimes be very heavy even if you look beautiful. If you do not want to eliminate them, start organizing your move and save them in an identified box.
  6. Paint the walls in light colors. While the dark tones create contrast, and are especially striking when stainless steel appliances, be careful. If they are not used properly, they can darken and make the smaller spaces appear. It is important that the kitchen is clear and has good lighting, ideally natural. If you cannot paint it, clean it well.
  7. Repair faucets and water leaks under the sink. A seriously interested buyer will open the cabinet under the sink to make sure there is no moisture. If necessary hire a plumber but make sure the plumbing works properly.
    Put special interest to the items when they are included in the purchase. Clean the microwave oven on the outside and inside, the stove, including the oven and the refrigerator inside and out.
  8. Use putty. It is ideal for repairing corners of worktops that have been separated from cabinets or detached sinks. Select the correct one according to the material you are going to repair.
  9. The day you go to show your house, cook early and clean as soon as you finish. If you want to save yourself that stress, buy food outside. If you can open windows to emerge strong odors and avoid frying or cooking foods with strong odors.