Prepare your home for sale

If you have decided to sell, you want to see quick results. Something that can be achieved in some cases and in others it takes a lot of time and perseverance. There are many who talk about the “luck” factor in the sale of properties. But achieving that goal is much more than that. It requires skill, effort, and time from vendors.

Having your home ready for sale can be a key to success. These ideas will help you:

  • Do a thorough cleaning. This does not cost money, it will only take time. A clean house is more pleasing to the eye, allows the best attributes of the house to appear and give a pleasant feeling to your visitors.
  • If you do a large general cleaning, you only have to maintain it during the time it is on sale and make sure you pick it up weekly. Usually the majority of future buyers are received on weekends.
  • Clear areas. Remove everything you do not need. You can give it away, even sell it through a ‘garage sale’ or donate it to charities.
    Your house will look cleaner and even more spacious when you do.
  • Make sure the house impresses. That first impression is the one that counts for many buyers. Therefore, having the garden clean, ideally with grass and plants in healthy condition is an important step.
  • Avoid garbage at the entrance to the house. Also pay attention to the front door. If it is a bit worn by the time, consider painting it or at least cleaning it well.
  • Pay attention to the walls and floors. It eliminates dark colors that reflect only a personal taste and can give the impression of smaller spaces. If you are going to paint before putting the house up for sale, try to use neutral colors. Eliminates murals and holes paintings products.
  • The floors should also be very clean. If you have carpet it is a good idea to give it a professional cleaning and remove all stains.
  • Avoid strong odors to food or animals. If you have any, it is preferable that they are not in the house when future buyers go and that there are never any food remains or dirty or smelly areas.
  • That perfume you like so much might not please another person, or worse still cause allergy.
  • Eliminate or at least diminish personal items.
    It helps shoppers visualize their own objects if they buy your house. If they find too many personal items, it will be difficult for them to imagine how theirs will look.
  • If necessary rent an external storage area for all your personal items.Surely you will find in your city a nearby place for this and many of these are very economical.
  • Make the necessary repairs. At least those that are very expensive, but this is something that should not be overlooked. Broken locks, non-functioning closet doors, broken windows or leaks in sinks and bathrooms give the sense of carelessness. In addition the buyer might think that he would have to invest a lot of money in arrangements.
  • If the property merits larger fixtures, such as roof, tubing, or changing floors, investigate the value of the property and the cost of such arrangements. Seek professional advice on whether or not to invest in such improvements. Even if you wish, you can request an inspection.
  • Order closets. Many vendors focus on the interior appearance and forget to organize their closets and bathrooms and kitchen cabinets. In the closets, take advantage and pack for your move, leaving only what is necessary. But in addition it organizes of a harmonious way by types of piece of clothing. The shirts on one side, pants and suits on another.
    Clean the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and check that there is no moisture in them. You will be surprised how many future buyers open them to check that they are in good condition.
  • Try to have adequate lighting and temperature. A house with natural light entrance gives a sense of energy, vitality and clarity. If yours does not, use artificial light. Indirect light lamps give a pleasant and cozy feeling.
  • Avoid cold or intense heat. Having natural fresh is ideal, but if you do not have it, set the temperature to be comfortable.