Tips to sell your house

  • The house should look flawless the day the first interested parties visit it. Open the curtains well so that light enters and perfumes each corner.
  • The first impression that provokes the house to the interested ones will depend to a great extent of the space.
  • The trust is the foundation of any fruitful business transaction. If the potential buyer perceives that you lie, you will fail. In the description of the property, be sincere and do not hesitate to use expressions such as “central apartment, with three rooms, one of marriage and two for children”. YOU ARE, YOU SAID. You have indicated how many rooms the apartment has and there are children in it occupying two of the three rooms.
  • It does not matter if the house does not have spectacular views. It does not matter if it is not especially luminous. We must convey that it is a very cheerful home. And you will not miss the truth, because it comes equipped with the joy of the house.